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October 26, 2015



Remember when I wanted to take medicine?????? Forget it. I can barely breathe in foundation apatah lagi medic *cries*  I swear it's so hard because I'm a lazy bum..... There's this one time I was about to sit for Physics test. The night before I wanted to revise and I realised I know completely NOTHING so all I could do is cry myself to sleep. I am THAT bad wey. I'm such a silly girl, I do things as I like, regret and then cry.  Somebody needs to take care of this girl!!!!! I'm still thinking on what to pursue for degree. It's not that I didn't plan my life but things don't always happen as we plan kan. Ofc I have plans and some things did not go the way I expected it to be. That's that and I tak nak explain. It's easier to say this is what my parents want. Aha smart way to answer.

Anywaaay palam is such a good place, I'll miss that place (cuz we'll be moving to Dengkil). Currently palam-sick :( I miss my friends and the surrounding there. I like the facilities and I find everything comfortable so yeah I didn't feel much of homesick hehe. Good food which explains why I'm fatter.  GOD, IDK, IM GAINING EVERYTHING. Gaining weight, gaining pimple, the only thing I don't gain much is EXAM MARKS wey FML.

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