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April 13, 2016


This is a random post. It's waaaaay past midnight and I'm having college-sick (it's somewhat like homesick but this home refers to college) *sobs*

I just wanna dedicate this to some people I am really grateful for in college. *drumrolls* it's my second semester classmates! Tbh I wasn't close to everyone but there's this one bunch that treated me so nicely *emoji monyet tutup muka*

I was the only new girl in class. 28 students who had really bonded throughout the first sem and then came this snob-looking girl with her bright lipstick and all (das me -,-). Major thanks to these people for never making me feel left out, ure da bomb.

Thank you completing em assignments I rarely contribute anything, for listening to my rants, accompanying me getting food 10 times a day, replying to my "cemana nak buat ni", making sure lab reports were done on time, letting me copy Maths examples, for layan-ing my selfies and my childish side, and the list goes on. Honestly, thank you for tolerating me. You guys never made things awkward with this new girl around, and for that I'm utterly grateful.

One semester was way too short, I wish we could have more and I wish I could get to know you guys better. But we need to be apart from our loved ones in order to have a better future aite. All the best for our future endeavours. And yguys, kind hearts like yours will bring you places. See you when I see you. Til then, I pray you guys the best and may He keep you safe wherever you are.

Thank you Attelya Zurin, Hanis Syahirah, Aiman Danieal and Hafizi :)

(Later I'll post a looooong one bout how foundation has been just you wait it'll be a sappy one!!!!!!!!!!!)

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