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July 18, 2016


I see people of my age blogging bout politics.. or economy.. some blog about fashion. Some do poetry. I wish I could. But I'm not good at any of them.. and my interest is not really into that. So I guess I'll just blog about the thing (I think) I am  good at........... ranting & complaining.. bout my life.

Oh by the way if you are in Foundation programme and you want to go abroad, here's the link on how. As for me, I went to AUG Student Service at Jalan Ampang. There are many other branches all over Malaysia. Dah apply UCAS, dapat conditional offer dah boleh hunt for scholarship ok. I had a hard time searching for scholarship (((maybe))) cuz I applied for medical course. If it's 'not medical' related courses, maybe you'd have higher chances of getting a scholarship. All the best :B

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