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August 09, 2016


I had experienced going for Pharmacy and Medicine interviews. I thought that it would be useful if I shared this. (Both of these were in 2016)

Pharmacy interview
I applied for Pharmacy in UiTM through UPU. The interview was conducted in UiTM Puncak Alam. We were first gathered in a hall where we were given explanation on how the interview would be held. This was also the time for you to ask any question(s). We were then brought to another hall where we had to submit our copies of certificates etc. Done with this, it was the time for interview.

A group of 6 would enter the room at a time. However, it was a one-to-one session. There were six stations altogether. Two passive stations where you'd get to rest and four active stations. The active stations would assess/evaluate you communication skill, critical thinking and....... the other two I can't recall sorry. You'd be given a trigger, two minutes to think of your answer and five minutes to talk. The questions I received were somewhat like these (as what I could recall):

1) You are driving a two-seater car alone and you meet three people at a bus stop who are your friend you haven't met in a long time waiting for the bus, a little boy who missed the bus and a sick old woman waiting to go to the hospital. You can only choose one person to save.
2) Your friend is about to write a hateful comment on someone's Instagram, what would you do?
3) Why do you want to take up Pharmacy
4) What is your hobby?

Based on my experience, you need less than 2 minutes to actually talk about the trigger (you have 5 minutes remember). Therefore, the interviewer will ask you anything s/he wants to ask. Yknow the usual interview questions. Just be honest and talk. Relax and calm down so that you can think. And make sure you're adamant on taking up Pharmacy. Simple questions are usually tricky. Don't trap yourself.

Medicine interview will be in the next post because this one is already too long.

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