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August 09, 2016


I had experienced going for Pharmacy and Medicine interviews. I thought that it would be useful if I shared this. (Both of these were in 2016)
 (Pharmacy interview is in previous post)

Medicine interview
I applied for Medicine through Dana Kecemerlangan UiTM - UNHAS. You'll be sent to UNHAS in Makassar to take up Medicine for five and one-half years.

The interview was held in UiTM Shah Alam. We were first gathered in a hall for explanation session. After that, we had to submit our copies of certificates. USD180 had to be paid before we were interviewed by UNHAS panel. The interview was a one-to-one session. Mind you the interviewers were all important people from the faculty and university. The Dean, Rector etc.

This interview was like.... other usual interviews. My experience, firstly I had to introduce myself. And then talk about my family background and my education background. Basically, the first few questions were the predictable ones. Why Medicine. Why should you be chosen. Why UNHAS. Can you survive being far away from your family. And then there were trigger questions. Trigger questions I received were:

1) How do you tell/make your patients stop smoking. What would you do?
2) Your patient is pregnant and her pregnancy is risky and dangerous. Therefore, she will need to go through abortion. What would you do/say?

Come to interviews well-prepared and just be confident. The interviewer I got didn't really make me argue, I was a lil bit lucky I guess. Btw, Idk the ways to apply for this programme because I received email for this one.

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