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November 12, 2016


Week 9 of being an undergrad student!!!!!!!
Whoever told you "asasi je busy, degree nanti relax"............... s/he's totally lying. Maynnnn I've been having multiple quizzes and tests all in a week since week 3 (now is already week 9, almost 2 hectic months u see so I have all the right to rant ok I deserve to rant). Life was busy back then in foundation but it's even busier now. E.g. I had a test and a quiz on Monday, Tuesday ok la free but then Tuesday class from 8am to 6pm, Wednesday got another test, Thursday got quiz pulak. I could spend my time scrolling social medias for hours before I actually slept back then in foundation. But.... I've been having hectic days now and all I want to do is literally sleep.

Also, looking back.. Most of my posts are sappy heartbroken posts??? Really sis is that the only thing u think of....... smh if I were a character in The Sims I'd be the one with the love trait.

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